Despite having given up smoking, taken up swimming & scuba diving when I was 61, my weight had gone up 2 stone and my blood pressure had not improved . Now in my mid 60's and my doctor persisting to offer medication to 'improve' things I was starting to fall into the trap of thinking 'I am getting too old for this 'get fit stuff', none the less I still thought there must be a better way of improving my health and fitness, and there was; enter Dave!

I have been training with Dave's guidance and advice on nutrition for a little over 6 months and I am impressed with the results.

I now eat a fulfilling and sustainable diet and have the occasional treat days and odd bar of chocolate without consequence and I am enjoying the rewards of my training efforts: with my blood pressure being reduced significantly, weight down by 1.75 Stone, waist reduced by 4” and my chest increased by 2”.

I am now stronger, fitter and in my best physical shape since my late 20's. The only down side is that my wet suit doesn’t fit so well now!

These are genuine client testimonials - however individual results may vary


Kim came to us desperate to shed some weight.

She went from being almost impossible for her to exercise, to shedding an incredible 140 pounds in a year.


I heard about Dave through a friend, and thought I'd contact him
I'd always gone to the gym, but I'd always found it difficult to gain muscle and alter my physique noticeably. My first goal with him was to concentrate on lifting properly, mainly compound, while bulking. Then I had a target of my wedding and honeymoon, so cut down to the best I'd ever looked, was well chuffed!
This had given me lots of confidence and did the daunting thing of entering my first competition, Dave planned all the way through for me, nutrition information and training; always being there in quick response whenever needed. Was over the moon at getting 4th place in the Fitness model under 75kg category.
The following year Dave had again helped me through bulking to try to add some more size, to dieting down to the show in April 2016, providing essential support and help on the actual show day.  I picked up another trophy in the Fitness model over 35s category, 3rd place and my pro card!
I really do enjoy getting on the stage and competing, although I do struggle with the dieting, however there is no way I think I'd have been able to sustain my focus without Dave's support. Looking forward to getting more trophies with his help hopefully! Highly recomended to anyone.

These are genuine client testimonials - however individual results may vary


" Hi Dave I just wanted to say a huge thank you for all your help and advice over the past year, on reflection of this photo, it makes me so grateful for all the time and advice you gave me. Your knowledge didn't just help me gain a healthy body but also a healthy mind and lifestyle"

Ashley has gone on to compete and WIN her first K1 match and is now a successful PT in her own right.

These are genuine client testimonials - however individual results may vary